Statistics show that there are over 24,000 locksmith businesses alone in the U.S. – that’s over 500 locksmith businesses per state on average! Surprisingly only about 15 states require locksmith businesses to obtain a license before operating. Oregon is one of the few states that actually requires locksmiths to be properly licensed, bonded, and insured before operating. If you don’t live in Oregon, it is very important that the locksmith company you hire is not only licensed but also trained to perform the required work. Because of the nature of their business, and the demand for their services, the internet is flooded with tons of supposed locksmiths in any given city. Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee they are certified so remember – any reputable locksmith in any state should be backed by the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Can you recall how many times you, or someone you know has needed a locksmith? Personally, I’ve had my fair share of lost keys, or car and home lockouts. In fact, according to AAA, more than four million Americans lock their keys in their car annually! And if they’re anything like me, they don’t have a spare on hand or even easily accessible. With such a large market there are usually more than enough Locksmiths available in your city to help you out – especially in a city as big as Portland, Oregon. But, how can you guarantee that you’re getting the best quality locksmith service? You’d have to sift through dozens of reviews, websites, etc. to find one that fits your needs and more often than not, you’re calling a locksmith when you’re in a pinch. When looking for major locksmith services, we recommend checking reviews and certifications to ensure you aren’t cheated out of your money or time.

As I usually do every couple of years, I locked my key (and my spare!) in my car. After beating myself up over the fact that I even kept my spare in my car, I set out to find a locksmith to help me out. Specifically, a locksmith that offered mobile services and could reach me fast. After searching online for locksmiths in Portland, Oregon I stumbled upon Locksmith Plus, Inc. Luckily for me, they had mobile services and were able to help me out and immediately dispatched on of their team members while I described my situation. With Portland being the largest city in Oregon (and some of the worst traffic in Oregon,) I was really worried about the time it would take them to reach me and do the service. Sure enough Locksmith Plus, Inc. was able to locate me quickly, and get the job done hassle free and at an affordable price. Not only was the team member who helped me friendly and informative, the entire process was smooth and hassle free – I didn’t have to think twice about anything once the service was done!

Locksmith Plus in Portland Oregon (, offers services in commercial, residential, automotive, and safe locksmithing needs. Between those categories there are tons of different ways they can be of service to you. In addition to locksmithing, they offer a variety of security services. Not sure if your current security system is up to par? They can assess your current safety measures and make recommendations based on the industries current technology and trends. Even better, they offer mobile 24-hour service and are backed by the Associated Locksmiths of America and are properly bonded, licensed, and insured.